Physicians learned to diagnose liver cancer in its earliest stages

Cancer is a dangerous disease, a small delay in diagnosis and treatment can result in a lethal case. If in the early stages of cancer can be cured in most cases, in severe cases, the assistance will not have even the most equipped clinic.

Liver cancer is poorly treated and often diagnosed at late stages. X-rays do not give a complete picture, therefore, used more modern methods: computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Even when they are carrying out, you can skip the micro-tumor, which in the future will grow to a large size.

Researchers have developed a special contrast agents, allowing to identify the tumor size of less than 0.25 millimeters. Just one session of a new study excludes the diagnosis of liver cancer". In the next few years the method will be tested for effectiveness and safety. If successful, it will launch in major hospitals of international importance.

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