Physicians found the "switch growth in cancer cells

The combination of certain proteins that are next to a cancer cell, significantly slows down its growth. Discovery, scientists believe, will help in the development of new cancer treatments.

"We thought that when cancer cells are going crazy, they just lose control. But it turned out that in fact these insane cells retained some part of the memory of their "law-abiding" condition and how to behave good cells, which greatly surprised us. This is why our discovery is so serious and important," says the researcher Anton Wellstein (Georgetown University).

Cancer cells have the ability to fission. The opening was preceded by a successful observation of Wellstein. The scientist found that the cancer cells from "overcrowded" blood vessels worse penetrated into the tissue and formed there the metastases. The reason for the phenomenon is the presence of certain proteins, inhibiting the process of expansion of the tumor.

"Hypothetically, you can do the same aggressive cancer cells or quiet depending on whether Hippo or not, and it really impresses our imagination. From the point of view of genetics and calm, and aggressive cells is the same, the only thing that was different - the activity of this metabolic cascade," says Millstein.

Using the information received will be treated by the new method of cancer of the prostate, pancreas, breast and lung. On the date that a new drug is not reported.

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