Physicians for carbonated water in the hot season

In the press center of the "AIF" held a round table on which were solved the problem of overheating and dehydration in conditions of extreme heat. The discussion was attended by leading nutritionists and toxicologists.

All worried that weather forecasters are predicting a summer of high temperatures and, therefore, difficult tests for people. Dehydration and overheating can occur due to the fact that heat greatly complicate the heat of the body.

To prevent overheating, it is necessary to monitor hydration status, fluid intake must equal the losses of water, or dehydration can occur very quickly.

Participant in roundtable discussion, candidate of medical Sciences Oksana Komarova, which is the nutritionist, gastroenterologist scientific research Institute of Pediatrics of Russian Academy of medical Sciences, drew the attention of the interlocutors that the consumption of water, in addition to climatic conditions, is influenced by the Constitution of man, and his physical activity.

Under normal conditions, an adult should consume in a day 40 ml of water per kilogram of your body. Infants for every kilogram of body weight should consume up to 150 milliliters of water per day. It turns out that the person weighing 60kg. you need to drink per day to 2.4 liters of fluid. About half of this fluid enters the body with drinks, including carbonated.

The participants of the round table came to the conclusion that, thanks to modern research level, you can not worry for the safety of legal beverages. In their view, if the diet is balanced, any drinks you can use, while maintaining their health.

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