Physicians: burns will start to heal with stem cells

Experts in the field of medicine have proved a crucial role of stem cells in the process of recovery from burns.

In severe burns suffers not only the skin but also the skeletal muscles. Muscle tissue is recovered for a long time, sometimes it takes years to complete regeneration of muscle fibers. Scientists from the University of Texas found that biosatellite moving in the muscle tissue, when damaged, serves a distinct signal to contribute to the release of a hotbed of stem cells. This writes NDTV.

In total, the study involved 12 people with deep burns and 12 volunteers without burns. When you burn biosatellite trying to start the process of tissue repair. As a result, the fiber increases the concentration of the protein Ki67, which indicates the start of regeneration. Scientists suggest grown in the laboratory the stem cells are introduced into the body or applied locally, can accelerate the growth of healthy tissue after the burn.

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