Physicians are advised to stop using the phone on the treadmill

Classes at the fitness club is not always fun. Half an hour on the treadmill in complete silence makes most people start to listen to music or talk on the phone. Scientists have established that any outside action reduces benefit from the lessons.

In total the study involved 44 students. Volunteers from the first group while running, listening to music, the second one was on the phone, from the third correspondence. The fourth group was running 30 minutes under normal conditions and have not used the phone, says Zee News.

Listening to music while running, increased the degree of satisfaction from the classes, the volunteers ran faster, leading to faster heart rate. Running along with talking on the phone speed was reduced, but heart rate did not change. Messaging has reduced the heart rate, running speed did not affect the degree of satisfaction from their training.

The researchers advise to refrain from cell phone during sports activities. Any outside action knocks the heart rate and reduces the effectiveness of exercise.

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