Physical therapy in relapse programs gastroenterology

Therapeutic exercise is one of the essential components relapse and rehabilitation programs in gastroenterology. A properly selected set of exercises helps to strengthen the muscular system, stabilizes the intra-abdominal pressure and positive effect on the nervous system. When you exercise involves gentle massage of the internal organs, stimulating the motility of the intestine and stomach.

The type and dosage of exercises depend on the disease and the patient. To control loads use a cardiac monitor or heart rate monitor. Portable pulse meter consists of a sensor, which is fixed on the chest, and display in the form of a wristwatch - it displays the reading. Some models independently analyze the results of measurements and can transfer them for archiving or processing on the computer. Another type of control equipment - heart monitors. It is a multifunctional device that allows you to measure not only the frequency of the pulse, and temperature, calories burned and other physiological parameters.

Indications for physical therapy are all gastroenterological diseases, based on functional disorders, including gastroduodenitis, hyperacid and low acidity gastritis. The peculiarity of these methods of exercise therapy for diseases of the digestive system is mandatory the use of exercises that are performed in the supine position. It can be exercise by bending and lifting the legs, bending and lifting the torso forward. To perform them can be used exercise equipment: balls, disks, balls. Exercises that cause shaking of the body when gastroenterologicheskih disease is contraindicated.

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Physical therapy for gastritis with secretory insufficiency recommended with moderate load. More attention should be paid dosed walking and restorative exercises and techniques to strengthen the abdominal muscles and enhance circulation. For patients with increased secretion Pets, a much bigger load, but it should not reach the allowable maximum power and number of exercises. Excessive loads should be avoided - they can cause inhibition of gastric secretion. All exercises should be performed without jerks, rhythmically and smoothly, starting with the lowest loads.

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