Physical exercises do not help diabetes during pregnancy

A new clinical study showed that women who regularly engaged in physical exercises in the second half of pregnancy, do not reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes, which sometimes appears in the period of carrying a child.Researchers from Norway randomly chose 855 pregnant women, some of them three times per week attended special training, and some only came to the appointments, tracking the course of pregnancy. It was found that training does not affect the risk of developing gestational (associated with pregnancy) diabetes.To the third trimester of pregnancy in 7% of women attending classes, developed gestational diabetes. In the second group, the figure was identical to 6%.This discovery was very surprised doctors. It is believed that exercise is an important part of the prevention and treatment of type II diabetes is a common form of this disease, which most often occurs in middle age or later.Most likely that is associated with pregnancy diabetes exercise such influence does not have. But even if this is the case, doctors say that pregnant women still moderate exercise: it is good for health and helps to control weight.

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