Physical exercise will help get rid of Smoking

Conducted by American scientists, the study found that the implementation of adolescent physical exercise for twenty minutes will allow them to stop Smoking. According to experts from the school of public health and health at the George Washington University, this practice will help to quit Smoking not only for teenagers but also for adults. Their study found that programs that help get rid of this habit, together with sports activities are the most effective way to quit Smoking.

Scientists watched 233 teenagers from 19 schools in the state of West Virginia, which is known for its high rates of Smoking among the population. Statistics show that 13% of the population mentioned state under the age of 18 years - smokers. Most smokers do not exercise, on average, participated in the study teenager smoked 10 cigarettes on weekdays, and one pack on weekends.

However, the authors of the studies recognized that they do not fully understand how physical activity affects Smoking cessation, but at the same time, they know that even a small physical activity has benefits for health. The results of their studies were able to prove that one of the aspects of a healthy lifestyle entails the other.

Scientists tend to believe that physical activity leads to the release into the body hormones endorphins, which will likely help the smoker endure the cravings for nicotine, as well as to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, force quit to take a cigarette again.

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