Physical exercise increases mental activity

In Canada, under the auspices of the Foundation of strokes and heart problems, a study was conducted. Participants were persons with overweight and leading a predominantly sedentary and sedentary lifestyle.

The results surprised everyone. It turned out that exercise significantly increase mental capacity. The experiment was conducted with the participation of individuals whose average age was about 49 years. For four months these individuals actively practiced and carried out various physical exercises. Was followed by a comparison of the tests that were conducted prior to the experiment, and four months later. It turned out that the investigated persons increased cognitive abilities. Quick decisions made by individuals, are more qualitative.

Martin Juno a doctor from the Institute of heart, that in Montreal, believes that all these transformations are driven by improving cerebral blood flow during exercise. Twice a week, the volunteers performed aerobic exercises and worked on the bikes. Scientists watched the state of the cardiovascular system, studied the rate of cerebral blood flow, given the physical parameters.

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After four months of intensive training in patients decreased body mass index and concentration of fat in the body. Increased stamina students violence. the more decreased the body weight of the study, the more increased their mental abilities. Thus, there is a proportional relationship between training intensity and mental abilities.

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