Physical activity affects the performance of the brain

Scientists from king's College London found that training from early childhood to 4 times a week up to a third of the indicators of brain activity. In addition, it will help to avoid the development of dementia in the future. In this case, we can go even such activities as walking the dog, says UNN.

The researchers observed more than 9,000 people for forty years. The status of each began to explore since he was 11 years old. Participants answered questions about the level of physical activity, have been tested for the detection of cognitive brain functions, and in addition, we investigated the level of their attention, memory and learning ability.

It turned out that the volunteers began training in early youth, by the time they reach 50 years of age showed good results. In that case, if men showed physical activity more than 4 times a week, they are one third were less susceptible to deterioration of the performance of the brain compared with their peers who did not practice at all. In women, this difference amounted to 25 percent. The positive trend was seen even among those people who are practiced by even 1 time a week. In this case, they were 10 less susceptible to deterioration of brain function.

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Hence, doctors recommend physical activity for half an hour a week. Meanwhile, they state that even a small amount of activity is useful.

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