Physical activities help to get rid of the addiction to bad food

According to the data obtained in the result of research recently conducted by the University of Leeds, people who get pleasure from training, do not aspire to reward yourself for your efforts-calorie dishes.

To participate in the first phase of research were selected one hundred and eighty volunteers ranging in age from eighteen to seventy years. All were asked to wear devices that track their physical activity level.

The result has been to conclude that the tendency of people who are accustomed to devote to training for more than three hours a day, to unhealthy food fifteen per cent lower than the rest. Volunteers from this category gave preference to products with low fat content, while those who are paid a daily training less than eighty minutes, the need for harmful food manifested much stronger.

In the second phase, thirty-four experiment participants were given a high-calorie mess. Proponents of an active lifestyle unknowingly ate a smaller quantity at each meal, while less active volunteers such trends are not shown.

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