Photographing life with the speed of two shots per minute

Experts from Sweden have been developed miniature camera that can take photos of a person's life, photographing once per minute. The pictures are of excellent quality, and can be instantly published in any of the social networks.

While Google only manages to fend off rolling on his allegations of violation of privacy, lifelogger triumph. This camera seems designed specifically for them: now they will be able to invade personal life two times per minute using photos taken with this camera.

Lifelogger is a relatively new concept, which in English means "writing life" from the word of life (the life and words of a log (record). These people are like the paparazzi, but unlike "cockroaches", they publish incriminating pictures are not stars and ordinary people.

Now anyone can remember, where did you ditch your socks, or where you left the car keys. And several hundreds of gigabytes - it is not such a big fee for the opportunity to remember every detail. Naturally, publishing images on the Internet is not required.

Developed by the Swedes cameras are so small that they can be easily mounted even in the spectacle arms. Swedish startup Memoto was able to produce a camera that its size was like a postage stamp, and which could shoot 2 frames per minute, and then tied a picture to the coordinates of the navigation and real-time.

The head of the Institute for human rights in the UK Stephen Bowen confident that this technology will soon lead mankind to total surveillance, as described in the novel of George Orwell's "1984".

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