Photo or laser hair removal - what to choose?

Body hair is a problem, familiar to every woman. Razors, depilatory creams and epilator recently lost laurels more advanced methods of getting rid of unwanted polosatosti" is a photo or laser hair removal. But what is the difference between these two procedures? And which one should you choose?

Let's start with the fact that the procedures photo and laser hair removal is completely different, so they do not compete with each other. Both procedures have their pros and cons - every woman chooses the procedure, the disadvantages of which seem to her a few more attractive.

Hair removal laser - what it is and what it eats?

The laser is an expensive method of getting rid of hair, which means the complete destruction of the hair follicle. The laser, of course, not able at once to destroy the follicles will take at least eight treatments before the hair will gradually disappear. The effect of a single session lasts 1.5-2 months.

The main advantages of laser hair removal

1. High efficiency impact - hairs fall out after a few days.

2. The lack of pain during the procedure.

3. No risk of scarring.

4. The speed of the procedure.

Cons of laser hair removal

1. The necessary contrast between hair and skin. So, dark hair on dark skin laser does not destroy, as well as light - on light. Therefore, the laser is only applicable for light-skinned women with dark hair.

2. The high cost of the procedure.

What is IPL?

Photoepilation is a more economical procedure, however, and the effect of it less. All because the power of light energy, which affects the melanin, not as strong as the power of the laser. After 10-14 days, the follicle is destroyed and the hair falls out.

Advantages of hair removal

1. A low cost.

2. The ability to remove hair of any type, regardless of their color and patterns.

Disadvantages of hair removal

1. The current acting on the follicle, damaging and surrounding skin. Therefore, this procedure is quite painful, doctors to reduce the sensitivity suggest the use of analgesic gels.

2. IPL does not require such an explicit contrast between skin color and hair. However, if dark-skinned girls with dark hair, to carry out the procedure can, that ladies with blonde hair she would be useless.

3. During the procedure removes both hard and vellus hairs.


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Of course, laser hair removal has a great effect on hair follicles, and therefore more noticeable and long lasting effect. Besides, getting rid of hair is slightly faster than in the application of hair removal. However, the latter has its advantages, the main of which - the lower price.

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