Phones and tablets hinder the development of the bones and muscles of children

Children should be to spend less time on digital devices, according to experts from the University of Western Australia. In the study, they proved that fun sitting in place is contraindicated for children. Lack of physical activity, the study showed, can lead to violations of the musculoskeletal system.

Scientists conducted an experiment. One group of kids entertained with games on the tablet, the second group watched the TV show, and the third played the common children's toys. During the session, the researchers monitored the physical activity of children.

It turned out that with ordinary toys kids moved 3 times more than during the games. TV is making children a fixed and reduced activity 6-fold.

Experts emphasize the importance of physical activity for children. In the first years of life is the formation and development of bones and muscles. The lack of movement may adversely affect the health of the child in the very near future.

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