Pheochromocytoma symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Question: "What is pheochromocytoma?" is asked by many who are first faced with a similar diagnosis. Pheochromocytoma - hromaffinna tumor localized in the cerebral layer of the adrenal glands (often possible and at other sites). The feature of this tumor is that it is a hormone producing and produces a large number of such biologically active substances, such as adrenaline, dopamine, norepinephrine.

Because pheochromocytoma strongly affects blood pressure, and symptoms of the disease concerned. In the basis of all clinical lies hypertensive crisis - spikes in blood pressure above normal, even for high blood pressure numbers. Major clinical manifestations of the tumor include:

• paleness of the skin;

• fear and anxiety;

• chills;

• tachycardia, palpitations;

• excessive sweating;

• pain in the cardiac region;

• the rhythm of cardiac contractions;

• nausea, possible vomiting;

• possible impairment, convulsions, paraesthesia.

Out-of-attack of the disease may be latent and manifest increased pressure or a headache in the occipital or frontal region of a pulsating nature.

The basis of diagnostic minimum required for diagnosis "Pheochromocytoma" includes activities such as:

• analysis of urine and blood plasma in the concentration of catecholamines;

• provocative tests with histamine, tyramine, glucagon hydrochloride, phentolamine;

• Ultrasound, CT scan, MRI scan of the adrenal glands by contrast, catheterization of the inferior Vena cava - these investigations are performed to determine the localization of the tumor process.

As for treatment, full recovery is possible only after surgical intervention, which, however, does not give an absolute guarantee that a relapse will not occur. Operative intervention in the pheochromocytoma of the adrenal glands as possible through open access and laparoscopic way. In that case, if during laparoscopic surgery the tumor was detected awe of the size, the operation is transferred to outdoor access.

As a conservative therapy applied Tropafen, Regain drugs fentolamina. These medicines block the effects of adrenaline, which in excess is produced by the tumor. Propranolol, Inderal drugs that help to lower blood pressure and normalize the heart rate. Also to reduce the pressure applied by Nifedipine, which has a good vasodilator action.

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