Pharmacy Washington will sell marijuana

Throughout the state of Washington you can buy marijuana in pharmacies. In addition, it is planned to organize the sale of not only the grass, but also chocolates, and cakes containing intoxicating herbs.

In the U.S. capital since may 2013 will be opened the first pharmacy that will deal with the legal sale of specific goods.

Implementation hemp will be performed only for medical purposes, medical purposes, provided that the relevant documents. Selling unusual drug will be made for patients with certain diseases, and in the quantity that is strictly limited to no more than 56 grams per month.

Hundreds of patients of the city has been long in anticipation of the opening of such shops and now, finally, will be able to purchase shows them drugs.

The manufacture of mixtures will be produced directly on-site pharmacies, in addition, the staff of medical institutions should provide all the necessary guidelines for their use.

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