Pharmaceutical company Bayer was in the center of the scandal

Famous French pharmaceutical company Bayer was involved in a huge scandal. As you know, this company is one of the largest manufacturers of contraceptives.

However, as shown by the results of the research products of this company, it can cause paralysis and other complications and side effects. In the world today there are 13,000 people who have suffered from the use of contraceptives third and fourth generations, manufactured by Bayer. They all filed lawsuits against the company, but despite this fact, the official ban of the drug there is, and it is on sale.

In France the first lawsuit against the company regarding the health damage was filed Marion Larat, which as a result of taking the drug suffered a stroke and lapsed into a coma. If wines pharmaceutical company Bayer is proven, then the drug will be imposed a ban on the sale, and the victims will be paid considerable compensation, depending on the applied health harm.

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To date, the investigation and collect information on the case.

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