Pharmaceutical companies prefer to keep silent about the side effects of their medicines

An international study found several unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies. These companies provide physicians incomplete information on the side effects of their products.

According to the requirements, the representatives of pharmacompany should tell family doctors about various side effects of the drugs they are promoting in the market. But, as shown by the study, 59 percent of distributors of pharmaceuticals has not provided any doctors information regarding side effects. Only 6 percent of the representatives of pharmaceutical companies warned about the possible risks. It should be noted that the French pharmacists often warn physicians than do their U.S. counterparts.

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This phenomenon is alarming, as previously conducted the survey, which was attended by doctors from France, USA and Canada showed that in the end, the doctors prefer one or another drug on the basis of persuasion representatives of pharmaceutical companies. According to the author studies Barbara Mintzes, by law, representatives of pharmaceutical companies should thoroughly describe they produce the drug, not forgetting to mention, as a positive quality medication, and possible risks associated with its use. Meanwhile, this is often not the case, because the representatives of pharmaceutical companies are not controlled by anyone.

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