Petersburg diabetics are left without important medications

St. Petersburg diabetics remained without drugs, which are vital for them. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", a medical preparation called "Manini" is missing in all pharmacies cultural capital of Russia.

The information center operator in the city reported that this drug is not in pharmacies of the city at least ten days. On the date she reply failed, adding that all stocks of the drug for diabetics already sold out.

As they say patients to buy another drug to replace "Maynila", they need to go to the doctor for another prescription. At the moment the reasons for the lack of life-saving drugs are not yet known.

Problems with the supply of drugs arise in St. Petersburg, not for the first time. Recall that in March of this year from social urban pharmacies disappeared medications insulin. Andrew Pleskovic occupying the position of head of Department for organization of effective work of pharmaceutical institutions and companies of the city health Committee stated that his office is not time to make all necessary arrangements.

After three weeks Antimonopoly service of the city withdrew the auction results for the pre-purchase of medicines insulin for privileged categories of citizens of Leningrad region. Employees of this Department have revealed numerous violations during an open auction for delivery of the above drugs.

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