Pet positive effect on the health status of its owner

Scientists have found that those people who have Pets, especially dogs, reduced risk of heart disease and blood vessels. Recently there have been several small studies on this topic. Experts from the medical College in Houston decided to summarize and analyze the obtained data. As a result, they have come to believe that owning Pets, in fact, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, obesity, and promotes physical activity.

Some studies have been conducted to establish the interconnectedness between high blood pressure and pet. It was found that pet owners have lower pressure than those who do not keep a pet. The above study was based on random selection of participants, and it was attended by thirty people. As it turned out, if people took the dog, his blood pressure dropped.

In addition, possession of a dog leads to increased physical activity of its owner. First of all this is facilitated walks with your pet. In this case, this effect does not affect the owners of other Pets and dogs that do not require walking. However, walking the dogs leads to reducing the risk of obesity and shown to people suffering from excess weight.

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