Pesticides do not accumulate in breast milk

In studies, scientists found out that pesticides can accumulate in absolutely any form of milk, except there is breast. This means that nursing mothers can now not fearing for the health of your baby to eat fruits and vegetables from the store.

Recall that in 2014 in breast milk was detected substance is glyphosate, which is a major causative agent of many infectious diseases. However, after this year the experiment was repeated, the researchers concluded that pesticides from food breast milk is still not covered.

During the research, scientists have found that pesticides are not detected in breast milk, even in the event of detection of glyphosate in the urine of lactating women. New research results have led to doctors recommending to abandon breastfeeding in the past year, now radically changed his opinion, saying that the mother's milk on the contrary is able to increase the safety of the child.

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