Personal experience defines ideals of beauty, say scientists

Some like long-legged brunettes, others like petite blondes. The tastes of people differ, and for this there are a number of reasons. Scientists from Harvard University and at Wellesley College, tried to explain what the defining criteria of beauty for the people from which they depend.

Scientists have conducted a survey with the participation of 35 000 volunteers. Subjects were evaluated on other people's appearance from photographs. Even the experts interviewed 547 pairs of monozygotic twins, looking identical to, and 214 pairs of dizygotic twins, who had a 50% shared genes.

Conclusion of scientists is that ideas about beauty are formed on the basis of personal experience of a person. Even the twins in most cases liked totally different types. Play a role in the level of income, place of residence of the person, level of its education, writes The Daily Mail.

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