Person to eat more causes intestinal flora

In that case, if you showed weakness and ate a large number of products that contain sugar should be blamed for this "crime" microbes that live in your gastrointestinal tract. Scientists believe that they have a large impact on the amount you have food on their pages writes New Scientist.

In 2006, the year the biologists found that the types of intestinal bacteria taken from the body of mice fat add, was a great contrast to bacteria animals subtle addition. In order to more thoroughly understand this, so "sensitive" issue, Mihaly Covas, together with colleagues from the Paris National Institute for agricultural research (France) made substitution bacteria animals in places.

The result of this interesting experiment, slender mouse, "purchasing" a portion of the bacteria from their fat counterparts, have a lot of features, and in the truest sense of the word right before his eyes began to gain weight. These animals also noted the level of hormones characteristic of animals suffering from obesity.

The researchers believe: "Mouse - this is a great model! Therefore, humans can occur in the same process," said Covas at the meeting Experimental biology 2012", which took place in California.

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