Persecution mania laid down in the brain of each person

Under persecution mania refers to the condition when a person believes that someone is observing all the time. Scientists have found that persecution is not a manifestation of paranoia, because every person has a program where he always seems to be that he is under surveillance and observation.

To this opinion of Australian scientists led by Colin Clifford the results of their research. They managed to prove that the human brain is designed so that the man himself is constantly felt in the area of attention from others, even in cases when there is nothing like this.

According to scientists, this adds a sense of vigilance and makes a person constantly ready for contact with others. Line-of-sight of another person can talk about his desire to dominate or can talk about coming from his threat. Therefore, even assuming that in looking at him, he becomes ready for possible danger. Experts also found that even if people cannot see your own eyes that stare at him, the brain still sends signals, warning of the danger.

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In addition, scientists have found that there are certain groups of people who are prone to such behavior to a greater or lesser extent. For example, people with social anxiety this condition occurs earlier and more frequently, as, for example, autism do not think that they can have someone to watch.

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