Permanent partner is a guarantee of achieving orgasm

The relationships between men and women are studied by scientists for a long time. Recent research has addressed the intimate life of the two sexes. It turns out that the unstable connection does not allow a woman to achieve orgasm, then as a permanent sexual partner is almost full guarantee of getting pleasure from sex.

The study, which was attended by students, was in their survey. Scientists at the University of Binghamton was interested in young people's attitudes towards sex, their liberal or conservative in relation to sexual life. Scientists evaluated the performance on a scale.

It turned out that about a third of girls and one in ten guy at the conservative attitudes that imply the presence of one partner. 13 percent of girls and 40 percent of men over the more liberal relationship without commitment. Next, the researchers examined how often participants of the survey reach orgasm.

It was found that the presence of a permanent relationship increased the degree of pleasure from sex. Appointments for the same time often resulted in nothing. Especially noted that women in casual relationships in two times less likely to have experienced an orgasm.

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