Permanent makeup

This kind of tattoo, which include the adjustment of the lips, eyes, eyebrows, and cheeks and the area above the upper lip. Thanks to the tattoo can be closed scars, and even age spots, or for example, do yourself a mole like Marilyn Monroe. It can give a person the beauty without the use of cosmetics even in the morning.

This tattoo disappears with time, and the healing of skin cells faster than the body. For such make-up experts use less resistant vegetable-based inks. In spite of this, it is necessary to know the measure, because the resulting line will long be placed on the face.

Tattooing of the lips

Allows you to make the lips more volume and visibly rejuvenates their. Modern girls prefer natural colors, such as pink and beige. In addition to contour, is smudge of paint on the entire surface of the lips, and as a result, they become darker, but seem quite natural.

Is the whole process in two stages:

The first thing cosmetologist draws a contour lip pencil, and individually selects the desired shade, after a painkiller and causes the tattoo. This makeup will last up to 4-6 years.

Tattoo of the eye

Professionals say that this tattoo is less popular because girls are afraid of pain. However, in this case, for each is individually selected anesthesia, and just how it all ends, the wizard causes the cream, providing bactericidal effect and eliminating inflammation, irritation and redness. The process of tattooing lasts about 15 minutes. You can draw arrows to draw the upper eyelid, to sketch the distance between the lashes of the upper and lower eyelid, which will give them extra length and volume. In addition, you can make shadows. Makeup will last up to 10 years.


Before you begin, it is very important to precisely define the desired shape, which was allocated to the best side, and hid the flaws. You must create the young person and expressive. If eyebrows are light and thin, then apply a solid tinted glass, and when dark, use stroke technique. It is that before you fill tattoos, draw individual hairs. Thus, it is possible to fully simulate the direction and growth of hair. This makeup can last up to 6 years.

However, experts do not advise to put the tattoo in several places at once, because it would be difficult to spend so much time. Makeup does not disappear by itself. Sometimes over time, the color becomes pale and becomes a completely different shade, so in the future it needs to be adjusted.

Error correction of permanent makeup

If you treat the selection of a specialist seriously, can avoid adverse situations, as mistakes can cause you a lot of trouble. These errors are divided into technological and aesthetic.

The specialist must be of high quality equipment and appropriate professionalism. Little educated wizard can spoil very delicate skin on the face, and can even see the scars. Poor quality dyes can give the eyebrows a reddish tint, and lip make gray or blue. Such errors are referred to as technological. For aesthetic blunders include inappropriate selection of makeup, which only spoils the face.

If all have errors on your face, then do not despair. Still can fix it. First we need to find a good competent wizard, he will be able, covered with unnecessary details pigment color. However, in some cases it is almost impossible. Some errors have to be removed with a laser, on average, about 5-6 treatments spaced three weeks. The procedure itself is very painful deliverance.

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