Permanent makeup - advantages and disadvantages

It is no secret that many girls are not satisfied with their appearance, especially a lot of grievances causes skin color and facial features. Fortunately, modern technology now allows you to quickly fix any flaws. One of the achievements of the cosmetic industry is permanent makeup.

The essence of the method

Usually permanent makeup is applied for a period from 3 to 7 years. This is quite a painful procedure that exposes the skin to a large stress. Don't expect an instant effect. After the procedure the skin should relax, relax. In full makeup lip is manifested only through the month, the eyes, the effect will be noticeable much faster.

The essence of permanent makeup is that the ink is injected under the epidermis. Tattoo after some time may become paler if left. In many respects, a brightness make-up depends on the individual characteristics of the skin. When first applying permanent make-up should not choose too bright colors and simultaneous processing of multiple plots. Better to start with something calm, if desired, after the first attempt at writing, you can make the tattoo more vivid.

Advantages and disadvantages

The application of permanent makeup is a lot of advantages and disadvantages, therefore, in order to achieve quality results, is to prepare for the procedure as follows: to conduct market research, to determine the salon, select wizards, and to view his portfolio, to discuss all the interesting moments. Do not be afraid to seem too curious. Be sure to verify that the wizard uses a sterile instrument and check for hygienic conclusions.

Many women fear that permanentny makeup can cause loss of eyebrows. In fact, it is the constant plucking is the most common cause of the destruction of the eyebrows, while tattooing quality paint has absolutely no influence on their density.

You should not combine Botox and tattooing. Usually, the procedure of applying permanent makeup experts advise carried out not earlier than in two weeks after the injection shop. Failure to observe this simple conditions can distort facial features.

The simplest is considered permanent eye makeup. Depending on the wishes of the customer master can paint over a specific area or the entire length. The color of the lips - the process is more laborious and time-consuming. Do not try to increase lips with permanent makeup. The paint for the natural path is not valid.

We are all potential carriers of latent infections, so do not blame the master in the appearance after the application of permanent make-up such trouble as herpes. When tattooing entering this infection is impossible. If the result is something not satisfied, you can always correct it, but this should be done only after full recovery of the skin.

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