Perhaps in a few years, mankind will receive the drug against cancer

The first child, who managed to defeat leukemia using a new drug, was Emily Watched. This new drug has transformed immune cells of seven girls in a formidable weapon against this disease. For the past year, as the disease has ceased to manifest, but to say that she has recovered fully, you will need 5 years. American scientists from the University of Pennsylvania believe that cancer will only need to enter this newest drug, and then about cancer can be forgotten forever. Thus, it appears that for the treatment of leukemia will not need chemotherapy or bone marrow transplantation.

The drug was developed by the pharmaceutical company Novartis. Last year representatives of the pharmaceutical giant announced that it had issued a license for the chimeric antigen receptor is the major component of therapy for cancer. It should also be noted that another girl with the same diagnosis did not survive after she was treated with the same drug. Both girls were diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This disease is resistant to conventional drugs.

Scientists decided to experiment. They used T-cells and girls using receptor altered them genetically, allowing cells to find and destroy cancer cells. This technique is not very new, but this time used a virus that belonged to the family of HIV. He acted as the carrier of the gene into T cells. Experiments have been conducted on adults. In these cases, the struggle was waged against pancreatic cancer and mesothelioma. Scientists are particularly worried about the fact as using this drug works the immune system of the patient. It is not excluded that it will be necessary to take medications that increase the level of immunity. Thus, if all goes as planned, in a few years humanity will have an effective drug against cancer.

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