Perfumes reduces libido

Perfume product type: air fresheners, scented candles, cosmetics, scented toilet paper, etc. may contain potentially hazardous to our health chemicals. Scientists say that these chemicals often cause or exacerbate allergies, headaches, asthma. In addition, researchers have found evidence that any products perfumes (and spirits) can reduce sexual desire, says the Daily Mail.

Scientists noticed that the spirits of the body often responds to skin allergies. Molecules artificial smells are perceived as a stimulus, in response to what triggered the immune response of the body. The person starts to itch, the skin is red, you may start to crack and buy a scaly appearance. Moreover, as underlined by Dr. Suzanne Baron, consultant dermatologist from the hospital Kent and Canterbury (UK) statistics of cases of contact allergic reactions to perfumes in recent years, there has been increased proportionally to the increase in volume of aromatics. The doctor leads the research data on which about 30% of consumers products perfumes complained of a variety of negative reaction to a certain brand of perfume, and a complete intolerance of some kinds of perfumes. Baron notes, the greatest harm to the body put artificial flavors.

According to several independent studies, the aim of which was to identify the effect of perfume on libido, this aromatic products are able to reduce sexual desire in men and women. All study participants were divided into 2 groups. Within 5 years, one group of volunteers was regularly use perfume products, the second - on the contrary, try to refrain from its use. Then the participants were told about the changes in their sexual life. 65% of participants from the 1st group, using perfumes, reported that their libido has decreased. In the 2nd group this statement was made by 18% of respondents. In most cases, study participants talked about a slight decrease of sexual desire by 5%-15% on their own feelings. Increase sexual desire said 8% of respondents 1-th group and 29% of the subjects of the 2nd group.

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