Performing multiple tasks at the same time harm the brain

Modern man tends to run multiple things at once. For office employee multitasking has become the norm. Scientists from Stanford University have found that this operating mode leads to disorder of the nervous system. The constant switching from unfinished business to another task reduces the efficiency, productivity of the person, increases the number of errors, writes The Sydney Morning Herald.

Simultaneous use of multiple sources of work information leads to attention deficit disorder. In the end, man could not concentrate on any task. Brain covers a huge avalanche of information flow, with which he cannot cope. Scientists have proven that to change activity in General, it takes a couple of minutes. The constant switching from one case to another leads to great waste of time.

In addition, multitasking is associated with the absence of the creative component in the work. It is proved that 47% of the time office worker does not think about work tasks and home Affairs, upcoming holidays or problems on the personal front.

Scholars argue that the basis of productivity is the right routine and appropriate work tasks. Should stop trying to get all the rabbits and concentrate on a particular task. Typically, this method has higher productivity.

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