Performing advanced exercises after training helps to relieve the pain worse massage

Previously, it was believed that the best way to relieve pain after an intense sport is the massage. Meanwhile, a recent study found that performing more exercises produces a similar effect, which occurs after the massage. This conclusion reached by scientists from the National research Institute in Copenhagen after conducted among 20 women of the experiment. All women scientists asked to do exercises to strengthen the shoulder muscles with the use of the simulator.

The women moved their shoulders, while the trainer is created stress on the muscles in your neck and shoulders. Two days later, the women returned to the laboratory scientists is a pain in the trapezius muscles. On a scale of ten researchers assessed their pain "five". After that, some women began to massage on one shoulder for ten minutes. The remaining participants the study was carried out exercises for recovery, which meant ordinary shrug.

As it turned out, exercise is as effective as massage. Scientists estimate that after exercise pain decreased by 0.8 points, and after participants had made the massage, feeling muscle pain decreased by 0.7. Until now, scientists could not understand how massage or exercises influence on reducing pain, but suggest that both methods give the opportunity to rid the body of metabolic products.

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