Peptic ulcer - symptoms and treatment

Peptic ulcer is the most common pathology in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. As the statistics shows, ulcer affects about 18 people out of a thousand.

Stomach ulcers are ulcers, the cause of which is to upset the hormonal and Central nervous systems; endocrine ulcer; circular-hypoxic ulcerative lesion, and lesion of the stomach due to allergic reactions and exposure to toxic substances.

What are the symptoms of stomach ulcers? Ulcer is accompanied by severe pain, vomiting and heartburn. During exacerbation of the disease may occur hungry pain (lower back pain subsided after about an hour after you have taken the food). A very common symptom is pain at night.

In order to set the correct diagnosis, it is necessary to make fibrogastroscopy and x-rays, and also to take on the analysis of gastric juice.

If the disease is not treated, it may take a long time, with the emergence of spring and autumn exacerbations.

How to cure stomach ulcers? During periods of exacerbation requiring hospitalization of the patient. The power of the ulcer during the period of treatment can be divided into three stages. The fact that there are three diet that is prescribed to patients at different stages of treatment.

Previously, when the treatment was applied antacid preparations (e.g., magnesium oxide), binders and coating agents and antispasmodic (usual no-Spa). In modern times the treatment is carried out with the use of antibiotics and anti-ulcer medications (such as omez).

Specific treatment of ulcers to describe it is simply impossible, because very often used unconventional methods of treatment. The actual methods of treatment are directly dependent on the age of the patient, his General physical condition, presence of other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (e.g., gastritis, duodenitis). A stomach ulcer is a serious disease that can lead to perforation and death of the patient, so self-treatment in this case is simply unacceptable. Definitely need to diagnose and consult a doctor.

Preventive measures against this disease are the correct mode of the day, occupational health, withdrawal from alcohol and Smoking. Also pay attention to your diet and quality of food intake.

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