PepsiCo to reduce the sugar content in their products

The caloric value two thirds of the drinks company in 2025 is significantly reduced and will not exceed 100 calories per jar. The move, experts believe, will help in the fight against obesity. Do people have a choice for low-calorie carbonated beverages, writes Reuters.

Currently a work in progress for sugar content among soda Pepsi simply does not. There is a Pepsi without the calories, where sugar is replaced with artificial sweetener. A variant of Pepsi with sugar contains about seven teaspoons of sugar in one glass.

The company's management by 2025 plans to reduce the concentration of sugar in most of their drinks. The same thing will happen with sodium, and saturated fats.

Note, in a previous study it has been proven to replace sugary drinks glasses of water allows you to start the process of weight loss. The authors of the Virginia tech warn: calorie sugary sodas in most cases, exceeds the limit and may exceed the nutritional value of a whole hamburger.

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