People with warm hands are open to cooperation - research

Psychologists from the UK conducted a study and found that people with warm hands often resort to cooperative behavior, whereas people with cold hands such indication in itself rarely find. This fact may explain the tradition to offer a Cup of hot tea or coffee in important meetings of the two partners, according to experts from the University of new South Wales.

In the experiment, volunteers were divided into two groups. The first group proposed to hold a warm subject, the second is cool. It was necessary to solve the prisoner's dilemma and decide on their own to cope with the further tasks or to find a mate.

It turned out that people with warm hands stronger collaborate. It is likely that there is a connection with the area of the brain responsible for the warmth between people. This add-appeared in the process of evolution, it determines the future behavior of a person depending on many factors, including the warmth of the hands.

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