People with obesity and cancer will become the norm in the near future – experts

Scientists from Britain believe that in the coming years there will be a sharp rise in the incidence of cancer and obesity. Despite measures taken by developed countries in the fight against these diseases, every year the number of cancer patients and people with excess weight only increases. According to experts, expect the increase in the incidence of cancer by almost half.

Practice has shown that economic action against the producers of "bad food" do not work. No taxes and an increase in the cost of sweet drinks with fast food are unable to help the country cope with the problem of obesity. Experts advise all producers of soda to reduce the sugar content in it. Now a single Bank can contain up to 7-8 teaspoons of sugar.

Scientists from Queen Mary University believe that it is necessary to struggle and with the producers of savory foods. Possibly ban advertising junk food on TV will really help to cope with the problem of obesity.

If taken by the authorities the measures will not help, by 2035, one in three people on the planet will be overweight. If the risk of cancer person to do almost nothing (but in this case, avoiding alcohol, Smoking and safe environment reduce the risk of cancer significantly), it is possible to fight obesity you need to not by the state, and each particular person. Change of diet and increased physical activity allow to overcome the extra weight in the vast majority of cases.

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