People with excessive body weight harm computed tomography

In order to conduct a CT scan of a patient with excessive body weight in the normal way, usually have to resort to the use of large doses of x-rays. Scientists began to reflect: "And does significant harm to the person the amount of radiation?", - Agency reports New Scientist.

To address this issue Xie George Xu, together with colleagues from the Polytechnic Institute Rensselaer Amtrak has created a computer model bodies with different weight categories. A separate model is fully consistent with people who have normal weight, and some models were answered by people with excessive obesity. Next, the obtained model introduced in the program, which simulates the effect of x-ray irradiation.

As it turned out, computed tomography has become the reason that the internal organs are excessively well-fed men (and women) were exposed to about 62 percent greater dose of radiation than human organs with normal body weight. For women with excessive body weight increases the dose of radiation was about 59 percent.

Accordingly, the risk of cancer increased scanning. By calculations of experts, due to increased radiation doses, people with excessive weight are 60 percent more likely to get the disease of cancer in nature. However, as scientists say, in General the risk is quite small, and simply irrelevant.

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