People with depression face a stroke twice as often

Experts from Harvard University analysed data about physical and mental health 16 thousand people over 50 years old. Every two years, scientists evaluated in volunteers the degree of manifestation of depression, the risk of stroke and recorded all cases of circulatory disorders in the brain. In 1192 people in 10 years revealed at least one case, writes The Daily Mail.

With stroke is 66% more often encountered a group of people prone to depression. Interestingly, the risk of stroke remained so high even several years after the disappearance of symptoms of psychological disorder. With a "fresh" depression risk hardly differed from that in the control group.

Many studies prove the relationship of mental health with physical. When depression increases the likelihood of hypertension, peptic ulcer disease, arrhythmia, stroke and heart attack.

Complete indifference to the world and thoughts of suicide does not tally with an active lifestyle and desire to play sports. Many patients with depression smoke, use drugs or alcohol, which inevitably affects their health.

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