People with artificial heart stimulant afraid to have sex

Cardiologist Stephen cook, Director of the center for people with congenital heart disease in Pittsburgh, warns that approximately a quarter of patients implanted with a cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) will suffer from spontaneous shock within five years.Fear of shock deprives patients with these devices the ability to enjoy sex, according to research by Dr. cook for the American heart Association (AHA)."When the heart rate rises, say, to 170, the device may not recognize that this is just an energetic sex, " he says - "Instead, the device may interpret this as a violation of cardiac rhythm.Little stimulant new model, powered by batteries, are used to prevent arrhythmia in people with congenital heart disease, has already survived a cardiac arrest, and patients are at risk. Unlike pacemakers, which give only small pulses of electricity cause the heart to beat normally, they can provoke a powerful impetus, if they detect potentially life-threatening disorders.Women show a constant level of sexual activity regardless of the use they ICD. Men, on the other hand, as a rule, reported a slight erectile dysfunction when wearing ICD.Problems in this area are more to do with psychology than with the side effects of the device. Although researchers say that despite the fact that the ICD is insurance against sudden death in heart failure preserving the quality of life remains the prerogative of the treatment.

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