People with anorexia should keep Smoking, say doctors

The number of patients with anorexia, especially of nervous origin, in the last two decades has increased significantly. From a rare disease, it has grown into weekdays psychiatrists, pediatricians and other clinicians. According to the latest studies, the approach to patients with anorexia should be special. In particular, doctors advise not to quit Smoking people with this disorder. This writes SoftCraze.

The researchers tracked the health of two patients with anorexia, simultaneously trying to quit Smoking. Their diet was controlled by the doctors who monitored feeding behavior of volunteers. The refusal of cigarettes led to a rather sharp set weight. It would seem, to patients is benefited. But anorexia is not a disease. Volunteers, learning about the weight gain, immediately caused vomiting at home to save weight.

In the end, both patients with anorexia went back to Smoking cigarettes. While scientists can't answer the question of what to do with a bad habit of anorexia, however quit abruptly and without medical supervision they definitely do not advise.

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