People with a good education are easier to tolerate brain injury

American specialists conducted a series of studies and concluded that people with a good education are easier to tolerate brain injury. The results of research involving 769 people published the newspaper's journalists Neurology.

Subjects chose people with traumatic brain injuries of varying severity from moderate to very serious. All participants were divided into groups according to their level of education. In the first group were people without secondary education, the second from secondary and additional courses in the third degree (master or bachelor). The observation was carried out during the year. During the observations the researchers found that the brain is recovering faster in people with a decent education. Moreover, the severity does not affect the reparative process.

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In some cases, the brain of people with higher education was restored seven times faster than people who have completed only the school, says the study's author, Dr. Eric Schneider. In the future, scientists plan to establish a causal relationship between the two factors.

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