People with 4 blood group is waiting for a heart attack

The recent development of British scientists conducted towards identifying the links between disease and blood group of patients. The researchers concluded that the greatest risk of getting a stroke people have 4 blood group. According to statistics, in patients with 4 blood group strokes occur in 26 % more likely than other participants. American doctors insist that people with this blood group most at risk of heart attack or other heart disease.

To come to such conclusion scientists have analyzed the health status 90 thousand people aged 30 to 75 years. Research on the nexus between blood groups and diseases were also German and Russian doctors. Their findings resulted in the fact that depending on the blood group, different indicators of propensity for blood clots and thrombosis, which can cause disease. Accordingly, the thicker the blood, the higher the risk of blood clots and stroke.

So, for example, often other can get the bleeding women with 3 blood group (15% more often than others). But the people with the 1st group can suffer from bleeding, and it is well established that they are more likely to have other ulcer. According to the endocrinologist this pattern is logical, because for the occurrence of ulcers have genetic characteristics to their cells easier joins Helicobacter that causes peptic ulcer disease.

Although people from the second group of blood was neutral in this case, scientists from the cancer Institute say that people with this blood group more often than other "attacks" Oncology.

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