People who have had a tropical disease that can give protection for the rest of the world

Experts from Vanderbilt University are developing a vaccine against the chikungunya virus. They took a portion of human blood, recover from this tropical disease and found it to be antibodies against chikungunya virus.

Scientists are working on a vaccine for two years. Managed to separate 30 antibodies to the virus. Interestingly, even several years after the disease in the blood of people remained specific to infection the cells that produce antibodies.

Natural antibodies is one of the best approaches to the development of synthetic drug. The disease manifests itself as the strongest joint pain with joint disease. Reception means on the basis of human antibodies, scientists believe, will save patients from pain and relief of the viral infection. Not rejected and the possibility of developing a vaccine.

The chikungunya virus carried by Aedes mosquitoes two species, revealed a long time ago, about 50 years ago. Most of the infections recorded in Asia and Europe. Registered today, about 1.2 million cases of infection.

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