People turn into zombies because of insomnia

Lack of sleep impairs parts of the brain and causes people anxiety with depression. Mood swings, headaches, heart problems. All this can be earned if you regularly enough sleep.

In the latter study, the researchers assessed the brain activity of 23 people with the clinical form of insomnia. As a comparison group, we used data of examination of 30 healthy volunteers. Each person underwent MRI with visualization of the activity of individual brain structures.

Scientists have discovered changes in the white matter, which acts as a bridge between parts of the brain. Particularly severe pathology was identified in the right hemisphere, in the region of the thalamus and corpus callosum. These structures are particularly important in the formation of emotions and attention.

The problem will be further studied. While the brain remains a great mystery to science and medicine. One thing is for sure: lack of sleep poses a great danger to the human nervous system.

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