People suffering from epilepsy may die prematurely

As reported by The Times of India, the joint efforts of the Oxford researchers and scientists of the Institute of Carolina, were able to determine that people suffering from epilepsy may die sooner than expected. This study lasted 41 years. The main argument for this conclusion became deviation in the psyche, which is detected by the diagnosis. According to the official information, disorders such people with epilepsy observed in 4 times more often than the others.

For comparison, we can take the information 660869 average people, among whom were performed the analyses, and mortality epilepticus patients of 69995 people. All considered genes and environment in the family. The end result was the following: 9 percent epilepticus patients died before. The number of deaths in the control group is less than one percent.

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Thus, in most cases, death overtook approximately 16 % of people who have committed suicide or has happened to them accidents. In ¾ of the victims of this number were mental deviations. As a result, the mortality rate has increased five times, and suicidal outcome in this disease four times. The most memorable death from mental disease along with drug use. As has been said, not epileptic disease was the cause of death. That is why the researchers advise that the screening, which will be revealed deviation in the psyche in patients with epilepsy.

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