People perceive colour in summer and winter in different ways

Depending on season a person changes the perception of color, according to scientists from the University of York. They found that yellow may be perceived differently in summer and winter. About it writes The Daily Mail.

Any color can be obtained by a combination of blue, green, yellow and red. Interest among scientists caused the yellow color. They tested 67 volunteers in June and January. People ran into a dark room. Some time was given for adaptation. Next, run the colorimeter of changing the color until the person will not see pure yellow color.

In the summer the vast majority of volunteers saw a greenish yellow. Winter considered pure yellow mixed with red. Experts believe that all the matter in the activity of cones M-type, located in the fundus. They have a high sensitivity to green-yellow part of the spectrum. Because of this they are the most profound effect of green color, which was so much in the summer.

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