People never smokers are addicted to electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes were developed as a painless way of gradual cessation. However, the results of the latest research, this method satisfy nicotine addiction, also increases the risk of cancer.

Draws attention to the fact that e-cigarettes get used to people not previously smoked conventional cigarettes. E-cigarettes, says DNA India, make the process of Smoking an absolute norm.

Here is an example. Some parents smoke electronic cigarettes with their children, believing that do not cause any harm. But the child remembers the habit of their parents, it is deposited in a child's psyche. The chance that in the future the child will begin to smoke increases significantly.

In addition, the electronic cigarette helps few people to completely abandon bad habits. Smoking in public places, usability lead to the fact that people start to smoke in any situation. As a result, the body receives a large dose of nicotine and chemicals contained in the device.

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