People must learn to immortality for the worms

All school-age children know that if the flat worm split in two, soon after pieces will grow two full worm. British scientists have gone further, they divided the worm in 20 pieces and got 20 clones. Then zoologists decided to find the reason for such an amazing immortal beings. As a result, scientists from Nottingham opened the "immortality gene".

Flat worms simply replace your damaged or old cloth new.

It turned out that not only worms, fissiparous, can regenerate internal organs and the brain again and again, but those who propagated by sexual way.

Typically, the aging of a living organism is due to the shortening of telomeres ( end sections of the chromosomes of the cell, which becomes shorter after each division) . Why worm it bypasses?

"Cell flat worm does not limit division, they can do this numerous times," says Dr. Aziz Aboobaker. The doctor believes that flat worms are able to maintain the length of the tips of the chromosomes, so their telomeres never wear out. It is the gene responsible for the protection of long telomeres, and was identified by scientists as the immortality gene.

When it is turned off for the worms begin to shortened telomeres. Scientists were very interested in the possibility of incorporating such a mechanism work for other sentient beings, but it is first to see how these immortal animals appeared during evolution. From a medical point of view, the allocation of such can mean the possibility of a significant human life extension.

Professor Douglas Kell believes that this is a huge breakthrough for all scientists dealing with the problem of human aging. It will help to develop if not a cure, a way to combat aging, and more importantly, can give hope to patients with progeria children.

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