People must change their attitude to HIV infection and HIV-infected

Every fourth HIV infected person does not know what is a virus carrier, and continues to infect partners. 75 percent of Contracting the infection occurs because of such ignorance.

Researchers from the Westminster hospital and the Centre for sexual health in Chelsea found that a quarter of HIV-infected people do not even assume about your diagnosis. Least of all the validation analysis is performed heterosexual men. Delayed diagnosis leads to delayed start of treatment, and that such patients account for 30 percent of deaths from AIDS.

According to the study's author Anne Sullivan, many believe still that HIV infection is certain death, despite the fact that in its treatment continues to be a huge progress. Those who do not know about their diagnosis, continue to infect others, and such infection accounts for 75 percent of all cases. Unfortunately, until now, HIV is considered by society as something that causes shame. A cancer patient, no one blames the fact that he had cancer. And HIV patients are ashamed of their diagnosis and are afraid to ask for help.

The worst things are the heterosexuals, because they believe that HIV infection is a lot of homosexuals, and that is why they almost never tests for verification. It should also be noted that heterosexual men rarely have protected sex, because we are convinced that nothing threatens them. The society continues to live the stereotypes of the eighties, when AIDS and HIV meant certain death. In the modern world, HIV-infected persons often live to a ripe old age, due to the intake of essential drugs.

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The difference between the average duration of HIV-infected people and people who are not infected with HIV, is only 5 years old. It should be noted that the difference in life expectancy of diabetic and not suffering from diabetes person much more. Medicine is on the threshold of discovering new drugs for the treatment of HIV. Just need to change the attitude of people with HIV in General, why it is necessary to conduct a series of awareness-raising campaigns, said Dr. Sullivan.

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