People drink more alcohol when watching movies

More erudite found that when watching movies of people consume alcohol more than usual. Data published in the scientific journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research based on the study of American specialists.

In the present study involved 159 people. Age of the subjects ranged from 18 to 30 years. In the experiment, the scientists suggested that the volunteers show several films, including paintings, where the consumption of alcohol has become a key idea.

It is not surprising that such images were encouraged people to consume more alcohol when watching movies. Even if alcohol was presented in a negative way, it didn't stop people from drinking alcoholic beverages.

The scientists plan to continue research in this area and find out how the mention of alcohol in social networks affects the desire to drink.

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Consumption of alcohol in large quantities is a serious threat to the body. Regular consumption of alcohol leads to the development of diseases of the heart, blood vessels, liver, nervous system. Scientists have even coined the term "Friday alcoholism", when one is waiting for a weekend to give the alcohol completely.

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