People consume three times more calories during the barbeque

According to the results of the last survey, during a barbeque or barbecue on the nature of the average person consumes 1800 calories. Under normal conditions for one meal is absorbed no more than 700 calories, writes The Daily Mail. Burgers, sausages, salads are the most popular dishes at home picnics.

The rate of calorie content ranges from 2 to 2.5 thousand calories. If Barbecuing, sure, scientists can quickly gain weight and have health problems. One serving of grilled meat contains 900 calories, more than half of the people come back for the second portion. Meat and salads are often accompanied by beer or wine (up to 340 calories from drinks). One month of regular holidays belly, you can enrich your diet for 9 thousand calories.

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59% of respondents are confident that there was nothing in BBQ no, a third of the volunteers believed that eats too much fresh air. Scientists are advised to watch what and how much we eat, BBQ facilities is no exception. The only way you can maintain the health and shape.

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